Our Model Story: The ESPEL Project

ESPEL is a high profile specialized consulting and quality management project with the scope of auditing, monitoring and inspecting all infrastructure projects in Greece, which are financed through the European Union.

This is the largest contract (30.0 million Euros) ever awarded by the European Union for a single consulting project.

The Spanish Engineering company EPTISA SERVICIOS DE INGENIERIA SL (leader in Quality Control) won the ESPEL contract in 2008 following an international tender  launched by the European Commission and the Greek Government. For the execution of the project EPTISA entered into strategic cooperation with the Greek Technical Consulting Company PANTEC SA and the Greek Management Consulting Company AKIS SA.

ESPEL has driven the above three companies to develop highly specialized know-how and sophisticated structures in terms of staff efficiency, IT systems and management procedures.

ESPEL has so far inspected over 3.500 projects of all types, throughout the entire Greek territory, such as roads, bridges, tunnels, rail, metro, harbor/ports, buildings, energy, gas, industrial plants, water installations, sewage, environmental projects and archaeological sites.

ESPEL has also created a state of the art prototype and independent laboratory for materials testing, which has been accredited in accordance to ISO 17025.

In this capacity, the model and know-how of ESPEL can work as a unique/high standard blueprint of specialized consulting and quality management for any governmental department, administrative authority, public company or private contractor, who wishes to monitor not only the project planning and development stages, but also “where the money goes” by using exclusively tailored specific quality, time, risk and cost management techniques.

The ESPEL scope of activities, through the evolution of the project include:

  •   Review of  tendering procedures for conformance to legal and regulatory aspects
  •   Assessment of adequacy of  designs, applicable standards and specifications
  •   Contract review for conformance to tender documents and applicable specifications
  •   Evaluation and rating of Contractors and Subcontractors performance
  •   Quality, Environmental and Safety Audits
  •   Sampling of materials on site
  •   Performance of lab tests on materials in our accredited laboratory
  •   Inspection of materials which are incorporated in the projects
  •   Inspection of batching plants and site labs
  •   Quantity inspection in accordance to the contract and payment certifications
  •   Checking of certifications and bills of Contractors
  •   Assessment of progress and correlation to funds absorption
  •   Support the Authority in managing the Contract and Contractor claims and disputes

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