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Pioneers in Engineering and Management Consulting Services  


PANTEC was founded in 1989 in Athens, by a number of well-educated in Greece and USA associates-friends, having the inspiration to bring to the Greek industry engineering and management services, systems and techniques, which they had work-experienced in the USA.

During this course PANTEC focused in engineering services, mainly in quality management, and project control for large engineering projects as well as the natural gas projects, always bringing in expertise, on time delivery, and concrete results to its clients.

Nowadays, PANTEC, with the same associates, has attained to create: a success record of service offerings, a long-standing client loyalty and a proven expertise in its fields and areas of involvement.

These were achieved due to: its project/client dedication, in-depth involvement of its management, international long-lasting expertise associations, its client’s goals adoption and engagement.

Indicative success stories are:

     • Natural Gas: Construction Supervision of over 200km high & medium pressure pipeline-network, 7.500m low pressure network, installation of 8.300 natural gas meters, special gas installations, over the last decade.

     • Olympic Village Athens 2004: Project management of construction works for 25.000 m2 installations, in association with Obermeyer.

     • Rural Broadband Network: Independent Engineer/Audit services for 6500km optical fiber in 9800 rural villages (in association with international expertise of IDOM - 6 years).

     • ESPEL-Specialized Consultant of Quality of Public works/ engineering audits: over 5.000 engineering audits and lab testing (in association with the international expertise of EPTISA- 12 years.

     • Public Work Supervision (Motorways, Dams): 10 km motorway, 2 large dams (in association with the international expertise of EUROESTUDIOS-TPF - 7 years).


 International Cooperation Expertise



International Engineering Firm EPTISA SERVICIOS DE INGENIERIA: a 12 year association has resulted among others in ESPEL -Specialized Consultant of Quality Control- that for the last 12 years is auditing and inspecting the quality of public works.



International Engineering Firm EUROESTUDIOS (presently EUROESTUDIOS-GETINSHA-TPF): a 9 year association has resulted among others in 2 motorway engineering supervision projects and 2 dams, a relationship that lasts in total 6 years (2 clients).



International Engineering Firm IDOM: an 8 year association for telecoms and natural gas has resulted among others in RURAL Broadband an independent engineering audit project (1 client).



European Leader in Small Scale LNG: a 2 year association resulted in a joint venture to offer specialized integrated services package in LNG-Natural Gas energy supply in off-grid industries and organizations.







During its long presence in the market, since 1989, PANTEC consistently is focusing in:

  • delivering its service offerings,
  • bringing in expertise and added value,
  • building up business integrity and customer loyalty to the benefit of all the companies and organizations that we are working together.


15A Xenofontos Str, 105 57, Athens, Greece. Tel. +30 210 3392428-9, Fax.+30 210 3392427, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.